Passionate about food photography

A lot has changed since we snapped our first Polaroid back in 1973. Film is all but dead. Video is everyday and everywhere. And the average millennial spends at least 24 minutes scrolling through Instagram. But one thing is the same as it ever was – we’re as passionate about food photography today as the day we started.

We’re slaves to detail, always hungry for a fresh take and unwavering in our desire to create outstanding food photography and video.

We see our work as an expression of the brand that serves both to connect brands to their customers and customers to their aspirations.

Ultimately, of course, it’s not just about creating stunning images that make mouths water, but about meeting business goals and giving an exceptional return.

The wider CHS team

Working as part of the CHS team, we are supported by planners, creatives and production experts, who help our work excel across catalogue design, creative campaign planning and food marketing campaigns. Out 60-strong team of creative thinkers work with some of the UK’s most loved brands to help them connect our clients to their customers

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